IIJTR Journal submissions

General information & guidelines:

Please read all information here carefully in its entirety before submitting manuscripts:

All submissions should be typed with all components of the manuscript double-spaced, including title page, abstract, text, quotes, acknowledgments, references, appendices, tables, figure captions, and footnotes. The abstract should be 100–150 words, typed on a separate sheet of paper. All copies should be clear, readable, and on 8½ × 11-in. paper of good quality. Authors must use nonsexist language in their articles. For information on this requirement, read "Guidelines for Nonsexist Language in APA Journals," which appeared in the June 1977 issue of the American Psychologist or consult the Manual.

All manuscripts submitted will be acknowledged promptly by email if submitted by email and via regular mail if submitted through regular mail. All manuscripts are reviewed by scholars with special competence in the area represented by the manuscript. In order to facilitate the proper matching of reviewers, provide six key words. If you feel that your manuscript needs special attention, provide the names and addresses (including email) of potential reviewers who can provide unbiased assessments.

Regular Manuscripts: IIJTR accepts regular manuscripts from authors addressing a wide variety of identity focus issues (theoretical, empirical, applied / intervention / policy). For a better understanding of the journal's publication scope please read IIJTR structure.

Book Reviews: In addition to regular manuscripts, the editors of the journal will also accept unsolicited book reviews. Each book review should contain the author(s) name(s), title of the book, price and ISBNs for paper and cloth copies, number of pages in the book, and publisher information and address. Two copies and a disk file of each book review should be submitted to the Chief Editor.

Permissions: Authors are responsible for all statements made in their work and for obtaining permission from copyright owners to reprint or adapt a table or figure or to reprint a quotation of 500 words or more. Authors should write to original author(s) and publisher to request nonexclusive world rights in all languages to use the material in the article and in future editions. Provide copies of all permissions and credit lines obtained.

Regulations: Only original manuscripts, written in English, are considered. In a cover letter, authors should state that the findings reported in the manuscript have not been published previously and that the manuscript is not being simultaneously submitted elsewhere. Authors should also state that they have complied with American Psychological Association ethical standards in the treatment of their samples. Upon acceptance, the authors are required to sign a publication agreement transferring the copyright from the author to the publisher. Accepted manuscripts become the permanent property of the journal.

Production Notes: After a manuscript is accepted for publication, its (first) author is asked to provide a computer disk containing the manuscript file. This file must be formatted for IBM computers (in Wordperfect or Word). Files are copyedited and typeset into page proofs. Authors read proofs sent as .pdf files to correct errors and answer copyeditors' queries.