Membership renewal - New member account creation

Renewing your SRIF Membership or interested in joining SRIF?

Renewing or creating your new SRIF Membership is easy as 1-2-3


(1) Log in to your SRIF web community account using your username and pass word here, (Click 'Log in').
(2) Review and edit your profile registration form to update your account. You can click on the 'Edit' tab to edit your account email address. You can click on the 'Membership profile' tab to edit personal profile information including affiliations and contact information, etc... You can also click on the "Addresses" tab to add billing and shipping addresses. The shipping address you enter will be used for delivery of membership IIJTR journal subscriptions!
(SAVE) your updated account information at the bottom of the profile form page!
(3) Once your account information is updated and reviewed, click on the 'Membership dues' button and pay your annual membership dues. See image below!

NEW MEMBERSHIPS Learn more about Membership benefits.

(1) Create your new SRIF web community account, (Click 'Log in' >then click> 'Create new account').
(2) After submitting your registration form to create a new account, immediately check your email. You will receive an email with instructions to 'Log in' to your new Membership account.
(3) Once you Log in, click on the 'Membership dues' button and pay your annual membership dues. See image below!

Note: Conferences require an additional fee aside annual membership dues! If you wish to register for a conference while creating a new account, please see the SRIF web site for instructions and links to pay conference fees.

The new SRIF web site provides the membership a number of valuable tools you will find useful for sharing information and meeting new SRIF members who have similar interests. Stay tuned and watch the News & Updates section the learn about new web based tools as they are added. And, Enjoy your new web site!

Membership dues: Pay 'Membership dues' by clicking on the button at the top of the page shown here in this image! (Note: This link becomes visible only when logged in.)