SRIF - Membership

Membership in the SRIF society is generally for one year. Professional members have the option of purchasing a two year membership to receive a discount. Membership awards are also granted every year to eligible members. Upon membership payment or award all membership benefits such as access to IIJTR online begin for the term of the membership. Full memberships will also receive the IIJTR print journal. Full memberships received prior to October 1 will be processed for the current year and receive all 4 quarters of the current year IIJTR journal. Full memberships received after October 1 will be retroactive to receive all 4 quarters of the coming year's IIJTR journal.

Are you a returning SRIF member or interested in joining SRIF?

Returning SRIF members and new member applications, please visit the Membership Registration area to get started. See membership types, descriptions, and fees below.

Add your recent publication to the SRIF - Member Publications page

To provide references to your most recent publications for other SRIF members, click on 'Add recent publication' and add your references. Members have access to the references and abstracts of your publications on the 'SRIF - Member Publications' page.

Membership benefits include the IIJTR

Annual membership to SRIF includes an annual subscription to the IIJTR. Just paying your annual membership fee insures the IIJTR will arrive at your door. The IIJTR is international and multidisciplinary in scope. IDENTITY is a cutting-edge, peer-review journal intended to provide a forum for identity theorists and researchers around the globe to share their ideas and findings regarding the problems and prospects of human self-definition. Read more

All memberships receive annual quarterly issues of An International Journal of Theory and Research (IIJTR), and also receive complete journal access online during the term of membership.

Also included with membership:

  • Networking through SRIF's online membership communities
  • Online membership directory
  • Online access to Teachers' Resources
  • Online access to Identity Measures and printable materials
  • Member discounts for two-year memberships

Fees schedule

Regular professional:

  • Annual membership $75.00
  • Student:

  • Annual membership $40.00

  • SRIF Membership information

    Professional membership accounts:
    Professional membership accounts for professionals who wish to participart in the SRIF organization and receive full membership benefits.

    Professional membership accounts (Shared):
    Professional membership accounts for professionals who wish to participart in the SRIF organization and receive linited membership benefits while sharing the account with a spouse or partner. The shared account receives membership fees discounts. Note: Only one journal subscription is mailed to the shared account.

    Student membership accounts:
    Student membership accounts for students who wish to participart in the SRIF organization and receive full student membership benefits.

    Non-membership and conference:
    You do not have to be a paying member in order to register for and attend SRIF annual conferences. Please note, conference registration fees for non-members maybe higher than those fees for membership accounts. Please weigh the difference! In some cases you may pay a lesser fee to become a full member of SRIF and additionally gain access to member benefits including both the print IIJTR delivered to you, and instant access to the online IIJTR on the SRIF membership website.