Annual Meeting in Philadelphia

Thanks Everyone for a Successful Annual Meeting in Philadelphia!

SRIF meets annually—as a preconference special interest group in conjunction with SRA’s biennial meeting; and a 2½ day meeting at a location in the U.S. or Canada the spring of alternate years. This year, our shorter meeting took place in Philadelphia with SRA and was organized by Program Chair, Andrea White (Kenyon College) with approximately 75 in attendance. It is the SRIF tradition to begin each meeting with a roundtable introduction (moderated by former SRIF President Phil Dreyer, Claremont University) in which all attendees have the opportunity to introduce themselves and summarize their identity-linked research interests. This is a beneficial exercise for faculty and students members to learn of the range of research possibilities in the field of identity and to be updated on one another’s research activities. Many collaborative projects have sprung from this roundtable session. The roundtable is also useful for students to identify possible mentors for their graduate studies and to meet scholars in the field whose works they are reading. One thing we value about SRIF is the fact that it is accessible to students—there is always a large contingent of students from various institutions at the SRIF meetings. Over the years we’ve watched students mature in their professional development and grow into scholars who, in turn, mentor new student members. We also value the international scope of membership in SRIF with several cross-cultural collaborations having been formed. At the recent meeting, in addition to the U.S. and Canada, there were scholars from Norway, Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, Italy, and Brazil.

In addition to the roundtable introductions at the SRIF meeting, a business meeting is always held and there were three items of particular importance this year. First, locations for the 2011 SRIF meeting were discussed with Daytona Beach ultimately being selected. More information will appear on the website in the near future. A second topic of discussion was the new SRIF website on which the Society and the journal now share the same space. There are many networking, resource, and informational opportunities available on the website with more to follow, including a link to teaching resources on identity. A third topic of discussion was the upcoming SRIF elections with a call being distributed to the membership for nominations with the ballot to follow in the fall.

The preconference concluded with 30 posters presented by both faculty and students from a range of academic institutions. Topics spanned a broad range of research relevant to the interests of identity researchers including ethnic identity, globalization, identity distress, school contexts, romantic partners, religiosity, longitudinal research, and positive youth development. A further highlight at this year’s SRIF meeting in Philadelphia was the annual banquet and presentation on Thursday evening with Dr. Jacqueline Eccles speaking on “Linking Personal and Social Identities to Expectancies and Values.” Approximately 55 SRIF members and friends took part in the family-style Italian meal served at Maggiano’s.