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SRIF Conference SRIF Student Research Awards Announcement

For each biennial conference students are encouraged to submit their original, individual research for consideration for a SRIF Student Research Award for high quality accomplishments. An award may be granted for a doctoral dissertation, a master’s thesis, an individual’s graduate level project, and/or an undergraduate honors/independent thesis. Each student category: doctoral, masters and undergraduate will be considered separately. It is expected that doctoral and master’s level projects are the work of the individual and not a study primarily designed by their faculty sponsor. Undergraduates may submit work in which they have been the primary investigator. The project should have been completed since the previous SRIF Biennial Conference. Students need not be members of SRIF in order to apply.

Students should e-mail their intent to submit a summary of their project to Dr. Sheila Marshall, Chair of the Awards Committee, at when a new conference is slated. Please include a working title, author, school affiliation, author’s e-mail, and the faculty sponsor’s name and e-mail.
The project submission date will be the due date for all new conference submissions [Date announced with each new conference]. You will receive feedback regarding the rewards by email. You may submit your project by e-mail to as an attachment or by snail mail, to Dr. Sheila Marshall, 2080 West Mall, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6T 1Z2.


Students are encouraged to submit papers that are theoretical, empirical or an integrative synthesis. For reports of empirical studies, it is essential that the author specify the purpose of the project, specific hypotheses, a clear methodology, the primary findings, and the significance of the project. Similar clarity is required for other types of papers.

The summary, itself, has a 2,000 word maximum. It must be double spaced, 12-point font, 1 inch margins, no headers/footers. Tables, graphs, and references may be in addition to the 2,000 word text. A cover page should provide the following information: name, title, contact information, student level (doctoral, masters, undergraduate) and the name, email, and address of the faculty sponsor.
A letter from the student’s faculty sponsor is required. It should be a brief statement directly focused on the student’s primary role in the scholarly project and sent to Dr. Marshall with your final submission.


Students who are chosen for research awards will be invited to submit a paper for publication considerations in Identity: An international journal of theory and research. As well they will be given a two year membership in SRIF that includes receipt of the society’s journal.

The SRIF Student Research Awards Committee Members are Dr. Sheila Marshall, The University of British Columbia, Dr. Hal Grotevant, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Dr. Jennifer Kerpelman, Auburn University.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.